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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

ANANDA Therapies

At ANANDA AYURVEDA RESORT, we offer you various authentic Ayurveda therapies. Individual treatments that are tailored to your needs fill you with positive energy and balance your body, mind and soul. The effects of Ayurveda are sustainable – we aim for the ideal condition, Prakriti, your health. In doing so, we meet our highest demands and your highest expectations.
A therapy at ANANDA AYURVEDA RESORT is particularly suitable for the following health complaints:

  • disorders of the digestive tract (indigestion, gastric irritation, metabolic disorders, intestinal complaints, etc.)
  • problems with the musculoskeletal system (rheumatic complaints, back pain, arthritis)
  • tress-related complaints (tension, burn-out, sleep disorders, depression, etc.)
  • skin problems and allergies (neurodermatitis, hay fever, cellulitis)
  • women-specific physical complaints (menstrual or menopausal complaints, hormone-related problems, etc.)
  • underweight, overweight
  • circulatory problems (high blood pressure, etc.)
  • respiratory diseases (asthma, chronic cough, inflammation, etc.)
  • diabetes
  • migraine

Every Ayurveda therapy is primarily preventive healthcare. It aims at preserving one’s vitality in a holistic sense and preventing an imbalance of the three doshas through Ayurveda.

All therapies at ANANDA AYURVEDA RESORT are performed by certified, experienced Ayurveda doctors and therapists. Every guest will experience individual treatment and support corresponding to his or her needs.

ANANDA Panchakarma Therapy – calms the mind and detoxes the body

In today’s world, we are constantly exposed to countless stresses and strains. Stress, chemicals, but also our environment stress our organism and harm our physical, but also our mental and emotional, vitality – they make us ill.

The ANANDA Panchakarma therapy is an authentic Ayurvedic cleansing therapy on a holistic level – for body, mind and soul. It helps reduce stress, find your way back to yourself, detox the body and restore the balance of your doshas. Prevention is central here too: the preservation of your health, regeneration and recovery. This also results in an alteration of chronic complaints.

ANANDA Ayurveda Resort | Kosgoda, Sri Lanka

ANANDA Vitalization Therapy – feeling well on all levels

Recharging energy, unwinding, relaxing and thus increasing your quality of life. This is how to prevent diseases and draw new potential for your health and vitality.

This is the primary goal of ANANDA’s Vitalization Therapy. Ayurveda also regulates premature ageing processes, and it makes you physically and mentally fit. The Ayurveda package specially compiled for your dosha will replenish your energy balance in a sustainable way.

ANANDA Ayurveda Resort | Kosgoda, Sri Lanka

ANANDA Intensive Therapy – cleansing, stabilizing, activating down to the origins

In this type of Panchakarma therapy, intensity and duration of the treatment are the primary objectives. It is used for acute and chronic diseases – the graver and the more chronic the disease, the longer the therapy.

The ANANDA Intensive Therapy is scheduled for at least 3 weeks, ideally longer. Over this period, your metabolism can be fundamentally altered and your immune system is stabilized. Your body’s self-healing powers are activated and the original balance is reestablished.

ANANDA Ayurveda Resort | Kosgoda, Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Treatments

The type and intensity of your personal treatments will be determined by our Ayurveda physician and depend on your individual needs. You will receive your treatment schedule for the next day every evening.

A sarong is available for every guest, which can be worn during the treatments (oils, herbs, etc.); in addition, we recommend bringing single-use underwear or old pieces of underwear.

  • Full-body, head, face, foot massages
  • Pichu (packs of paste, ointments, oils, herbal juices)
  • Full-body peelings
  • Special back pain treatment
  • Shirodhara (forehead oil treatment)
  • Full-body oil treatments
  • Full-body synchronized massages
  • Pinda Sweda (thermal massage with rice packs)
  • Thapa Sweda (herbal stamp massage)
  • Steam bath & inhalation
  • Cleansing of nose and frontal sinus
  • Ayurvedic herbal and flower baths
  • Intestinal cleansing & herbal oil enemas
  • Siro Virechana (head treatment)
  • Accupuncture


Of course, you can book most treatments individually as well, but special treatments are only intended for being performed under a physician’s supervision or exclusively within a supervised therapy.