Your life as a unity of body, senses, mind and soul – that is what we focus on here at paradisiacal ANANDA AYURVEDA RESORT. In this elegant little oasis of tranquility on Sri Lanka’s south coast, openness and hospitality are effortlessly combined with individuality and privacy. Your regeneration and the restoration of your life balance are the ultimate goals with which we welcome you, accompany you, treat you with Ayurvedic practices, say goodbye and welcome you once again. Be ANANDA too!

Dear guests, dear friends!

My name is Ira Schäffner, and together with Brigitte Meier I manage the ANANDA Ayurveda Resort at beautiful Kosgoda Beach on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast. It is here, in this magical place, that my vision became a reality in October 2016 with the support of my family: the ANANDA Ayurveda Resort. After a challenging two-year construction phase, I met Brigitte Meier from Bavaria here in Sri Lanka, and we developed a wonderful friendship and a professional synergy.

With Austrian-Bavarian cordiality, tireless dedication and a professional team, we successfully created an Ayurvedic oasis of well-being, a place for our guests to meet and to regenerate.

Authentic Ayurvedic treatments certified by the Department of Ayurveda, excellent vegetarian Ayurvedic cuisine, yoga and meditation to the highest standards and the breathtaking location right at the Indian Ocean – that is our ANANDA Ayurveda Resort.
We look forward to meeting you (again) soon!

Ayubowan, Ira and Brigitte


  • Sustainability is not optional for us – it is actively practiced. Our chefs create all their vegetarian Ayurvedic delicacies with regional and seasonal vegetables and fruit. Fragrant herbs and aromatic spices are harvested in our own garden or obtained from local suppliers.
  • We lead our team of 30 employees with respect and esteem, learn about the subtleties of each other’s cultures and communicate European quality standards to our staff. This joyful cooperation can be perceived by all of our guests.
  • The interplay of European and Asian influences is also reflected in the architecture of the building. Its modern design and the stylishly reduced interior decoration, paired with antique, colonial and Sinhalese design elements, surrounded by tropical green – this exceptional blend creates the unique flair of our resort.
  • The well-being of our guests is the central focus of our activities. Our certified doctors and our professional team of Ayurveda therapists are characterized by a high degree of empathy and respect.
  • Enjoying Ayurveda with all your senses: Feeling your muscles and joints relax during the body massages and listening to the soothing sounds of the Indian Ocean; savoring the flavors of the vegetarian curries on your tongue; indulging in the enticing fragrances of herbs and flowers; taking some time after your yoga practice to watch the monkeys play in the trees; and ending the day while watching the magical sunset on the beach.
  • Solar power and a biological water treatment plant are as normal for us as the drinking-water bottles made of glass that are available for our guests in their rooms. Women from the neighborhood sew our pillowcases and textiles from cotton fabrics produced in Sri Lanka.
  • ANANDA – which is Sanskrit for bliss or happiness – is what we want to convey to our guests. Our logo in the shape of three lotus flower petals not only symbolizes the equilibrium of the three doshas, which is the goal of any Panchakarma therapy, but also the combination of the Sri Lankan and the European culture, creating something entirely new.


Our resort team is always there for you with Sinhalese cordiality and highest professional standards.

Every day, our chefs de cuisine and their colleagues create dosha-based vegetarian highlights for you. But the restaurant team not only serves you your meals, it also presents you with delicious culinary works of art on your table and on your plate.

Attentively, obligingly and with Sinhalese care, our employees attend to our guests’ great and small concerns. In addition, our housekeeping, gardening and maintenance staff constantly ensures the highest quality standards in our Ayurveda resort.

Our carefully selected and certified Ayurveda team consists of experienced Ayurvedic doctors and highly trained therapists whose main goal is your well-being.

Every single one of our employees will always make every effort to make you feel well cared for, accompanied and completely comfortable. Sinhalese cordiality and authenticity additionally enrich your stay with us.

Our experienced Ayurvedic doctor
is fully committed to the well-being of our guests. In addition to traditional Ayurvedic treatments, she also offers Korean acupuncture, which is successfully used for treating pain, weight reduction, giving up smoking and psychosomatic problems.




  • Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery, University of Kelaniya
  • Advance Diploma in Korean Acupuncture, University of Kelaniya

Professional background:

  • Ayurvedic Doctor, Littoral Ayurvedic Hospital, Hikkaduwa
  • Ayurvedic Doctor, Hospital of Ayurveda, Wadduwa
  • Ayurvedic Doctor, AIDA Ayurveda Residence, Induruwa


Our yoga master BINOY also offers individual sessions in therapeutic yoga. This unique and highly effective therapy always starts with a conversation in which all relevant medical and personal information is collected. After that, the sequence of breathing exercises, physical exercises and relaxation exercises is adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Yoga therapy helps with:

  • Pain in the back, shoulders, neck and knees
  • Problems in the musculoskeletal system such as scoliosis and spinal disc herniation
  • Joint disorders
  • Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression
  • Chronic and psychosomatic diseases.

This special service is not included in the price of your treatments.

Please arrange your individual yoga therapy sessions when you are here. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Use our contact form or call us: +43 664 521 15 19

A day at the ANANDA Ayurveda Resort

Adapting your daily routine to the rhythms prevailing in nature plays a central role in Ayurveda. That is because the Ayurvedic teachings, which are thousands of years old, assume that different basic energies influence our physiology and psychology at different times of the day.

Thanks to its quiet location and the entire layout of its premises according to traditional Indian architecture system Vastu, our ANANDA AYURVEDA RESORT offers the ideal conditions for relaxed daily routines in harmony with nature.


  • The day starts with yoga in order to cleanse the mind with asanas and breathing exercises in the morning.
  • After that, a light breakfast is served – as the first meal of the day, its purpose is to nourish both body and mind.
  • In the morning, you receive Ayurvedic treatments according to your individual treatment plan. Type, sequence and time of the treatments are determined by the doctor.
  • In the afternoon, you receive Ayurvedic treatments according to your treatment plan. In addition, you have time for relaxing, inward reflection, meditation, private yoga sessions or excursions.
  • You can spend the resting periods between treatments in the garden, at the pool, on your terrace or in your room.
  • The best times for going to the beach are the early mornings and the evenings.

We look forward to your direct inquiry via our contact form or by telephone: +43 664 521 15 19

Be ANANDA too!