Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine that is over 3,000 years old, is the central element during your stay at ANANDA AYURVEDA RESORT. Regeneration and restoring your life balance is the goal of our actions, attentions and treatments.

The term Ayurveda is Sanskrit and means “life knowledge” in a holistic sense – the balance of body, mind and soul is the essence of a long and healthy life. Cleansing massages and oil baths, a type-based diet, Indian phytotherapy and spiritual yoga are the traditional instruments that are used in order to regulate and maintain good health.

The 3 doshas or Ayurvedic constitutional types

According to the Ayurvedic teachings, three physical energies or life principles, the doshas, are at work in the human organism. Every person is born with a particular constitution, and every single dosha has a regulating effect in our body. Health therefore means an individual, harmonious balance of these three energy principles.

Vatha (wind & air)
“Airy and lightsome like the butterfly”, the principle of movement

Pitta (fire & water)
“Impulsive and powerful like the volcano”, the metabolic principle

Kapha (earth & water)
“Peaceful and tranquil like the lake”, the structural principle

The Ayurvedic medical consultation

This is where the experienced ayurvedic doctor begins her work, by determining your personal constitutional type and locating imbalances.

She identifies this individual relationship between your doshas by conducting a detailed anamnesis interview and performing a pulse, face and tongue diagnosis.

  • extensive counseling Interview
  • pulse diagnosis
  • face diagnosis
  • tongue diagnosis


An essential, fundamental pillar of Ayurvedic teachings is the dietary aspect.

The three doshas are also present in every food in the form of energy. Food not only provides our body with nutrients and essential substances, it also supplies us with the required energy. According to Ayurveda, it is not only the quality of food that is of essential importance, but also the functioning of our individual digestive system. This is because the latter determines whether the food is properly digested and absorbed.

Therefore a diet plan is a fundamental pillar of every Ayurveda therapy. Our physician will explain to you which foods are suitable for you and which ones are less so.

Soups, curries, fresh fruit, artfully prepared vegetables, and special teas and water are your companions throughout the day and adjust your energy balance.


Just like Ayurveda, yoga is also one of the oldest philosophies that deal with the human in his or her entirety. It is a physical and mental training with the aim of improving our health by establishing harmony between body, mind and soul.

Physically, Yoga stretches and strengthens, balances, activates and relaxes. On a mental-emotional level, it can lead to calmness, well-being, inner peace, concentration and joy of living.

The Ayurveda treatment detoxes, and yoga asanas stimulate the organs and glands to work properly again; supporting breathing exercises provide the cells with energy.

Your exercises for physical and respiratory consciousness will find unrestricted peace and concentration in our detached yoga pavilion. At certain times of the day, our paradise-like beach is a perfect spot too, with the natural murmur of the sea an ideal background for diving deep into our innermost self.


Adapting your daily routine to the rhythms dominating in nature plays a central role in Ayurveda. A daily routine that has been scheduled in a relaxed way additionally supports your Ayurveda therapy. This is because these teachings, which are thousands of years old, assume that different basic energies influence our physiology and psychology differently at different times of the day.

  • The day starts with Yoga for spiritual cleansing in the morning, with asanas and breathing exercises.
  • Afterwards there is a light breakfast – as the day’s first meal to nourish body and mind.
  • In the morning, you will receive Ayurveda treatment according to your individual therapy schedule. The doctor determines the nature, course and duration of the treatments.
  • In the afternon your will receive Ayurveda treatments according to your individual therapy schedule and you will have time for relaxtion, meditation, private yoga lessons or to take part in an excursion.
  • Between the treatments you can relax in the garden, at the pool deck on your terrace or in your room.
  • The best time for a walk on the beach is early morning or evening.